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EA7.3, EA7.5, EA7.7 energy Animals as Human Energy

The students in groups EA7.3, EA7.5 and EA7.7 planned and gave an oral presentation on the very last lessons of these courses.

The topic of the presentations was

Exploiting Animals for Our Energy Needs.

The students did take a stand on this issue; they focused on such aspects as hunting, factory farming vs organic farming, eating meat, and also dealt with such issues as animal testing, fur trading, etc.

Unfortunately none of the presentations were videotaped but they were interesting. And some of the videos the students showed were really good - they made you think about animals and the way we treat them ....

The presentations were evaluated...and it wasn't only the teacher who evaluated them ---everybody participated (so it was peer assessment). Thanks to this, it was easy for the teacher to assess them....Thank you all!
This is part of the instructions to the students....just for you dear reader to get an idea of what this was all about...
    • Plan a 7-10 minute oral presentation the topic of which is the relationship between humans and wild or domesticated animals, with a focus on humans exploiting animals as a source of energy.
    • Choose your viewpoint freely;it may be neutral and informative , provocative, or whatever, provided it is decent and interests the audience.
    • Browse through some web sites and watch related videos to get ideas. Recommended search words: factory farming, organic farming, free range (e.g. eggs), maltreatment of farm animals, sustainable cattle breeding, hunting,etc.
    • Give examples, short video clips, pictures, etc.

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