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EA7.3 and EA7.5 English energy (Stop wasting energy)

The students on EA7  (English) were faced with the following online writing task.
Browse through the following sites to find ideas about the ways you can cut down on wasting energy and making this world a greener place to live.  
1.1.Here are things you can do to reduce your "footprint" on the earth. Click on each subject for more detail or visit our site to see how your actions can help save wildlife around the world.
1.2  How to make a difference – lots of good ideas here
You may also look at page 85 in Open Road 7 for more ideas.

Below you can see some of their posts:

Stop wasting energy

There are plenty of ways to cut down your carbon footprint and save energy. First of all you should stop eating meat and start eating locally grown fresh vegetables to.Food produced in other countries needs to be transported which produces a lot of unnecessary carbon dioxide.  Sell your car and start walking without shoes. Shoes are often produced in third world countries without human rights.
Items packaged in plastic are big reason to global warming. Plastic pollutes earth because it’s made of oil. This is why you should avoid and recycle plastic as often as you can.
People should be more concerned about the nature and start making changes to their lifestyle. Heres some ways in which everyone could improve as a human being. Using more public transport instead of car is a more eco-friendly way to move around. And definitely move around the globe less by planes. if you wanna go abroad you should use bullet trains or other similar means of transportation.  Still the best from all is riding bicycle.     People should  also reduce eating red meat since producing that needs a lot of resources and sprouts are a far superior option anyways. Then theres dozens of ways you can cut down your water usage with. Biggest of which is to take short showers (max 3-4 minutes) once or twice per day, and never ever take baths. baths are a huge waste of water since showers do the job just as well. Also don’t waste the water by running the tap while you’re brushing your teeth or rubbing the soap onto your hands when you wash them.

Antti & Tiitus

Save energy!
- Use public transportation, or walk or bike instead of using a car.
- Don't use airplanes often, it contaminates the atmosphere.
- Shut off lights.
- Don't keep electronic equipments on if you are not using them. It consumes unnecessary electricity.
- Don't wash half empty washing mashine. If you can wash your goods without a mashine, that's even better.
- Don't shower too long.
- Buy locally grown or organic food and don't eat animal products so much.
- Don't use chemicals, natural things are better.
- Keep air conditioner on only when you truly need it. Many people keep it on for nothing. If you are feeling cold, put on more clothes rather than putting on more heat in your air conditioner.
- Make sure that you have a good insulation in your house. Otherwise the cold air will come in to the house and you need to put heat on your air conditioner.
- If you use stove or oven, cook as many different dishes as possible, because heating the oven takes much energy, so you migh as well use it all.

Cut down on waste!
- Don't throw food away. If you can't finish your food, save it for later.
- Recycle everything. Give your old clothes to charity rather than throwing them away.
- Seperate and recycle your carbage. Some of them can be used again.
- Don't waste paper, trees are not going to grow forever.
- Start a home compost. It's a good way to get rid of your waste.
- Use reusable things rather than disposable ones. For example when you are packing your lunch.

Nelli & Aurora

Our own ways of energy saving

The world needs us to change our ways of life so the world`s climate would not change too much. One of the most effective ways to stop climate change would be saving energy on daily basis like on heating and electric consumption. Also with decreasing our consumption and inventing greener ways to produce energy, for example solar and wind power. Also making new electronics which uses a lot less energy than the models of nowadays.  
    Also one another big issue like the greenhouse effect is pollution. Recycling and stopping to consume too much would be helpful for the world.     
Also little changes like, taking off five minutes of your morning shower, or switching off the light every time you leave room can play a huge role when it comes to slowing down the climate change.
If you need to do something big to make you feel good about your own carbon footprint, go ahead and plant a tree. There are hundreds of trees being cut down daily around the world just to fulfill our daily needs, and planting one by yourself wouldn't be such a bad idea.
    I find the biggest way for me to make changes towards reducing my energy wasting in my everyday life, is to change my habits in transportation. Instead of using the public transportation, which of course is already an environment-friendly option, I could do make my way to school every morning for example with a bike.
Think outside to box! You could use your sunday mornings by taking a little walk to a nearest park or some other places where you would find plastic or matel bottles and cans, pick them up, and return them to the nearest bottle-return spot. And profit by getting a little money out of it.

Leo & Theo 

Topias and Roope

1. We should eat locally grown organic food. It does not strain the environment as much as mass production.
2. Buy used clothes! They are cheaper and have no extra production.
3. Use more public transportations. It pollutes less.
4. Try to use airplanes as little as possible. They pollute too much to be used daily.
5. Try to rely more on renewable energy sources.
6. Take shorter showers. You’ll save some water.
7. Cool off your tap water in the fridge. It gets cooler and you’ll save some more water.
8. Plant a tree, it makes oxygen out of carbon dioxide.
9. Try to recycle more to save resources.
10. Get a compost because it makes dirt.
11. Support fair trade products
12. Don’t keep the TV on all the time. This saves up the electricity.
13. Become involved in a voluntary programme. Make a difference in your neighbourhood.
14. Print as little as possible. It saves paper and ink.
15. Use eco-friendly toilet paper.
16. Try to eat healthy. It helps you help others.
17. Try not to purchase new products.

Stop Wasting Energy

Energy wastage and contamination is growing rapidly and people should be aware of it.
For example, the average household in the United Kingdom waste an incredible 250£ per year by not being energy efficient. Each year, we human beings generate millions of tons of waste in our homes and communities.

Waste.jpgEach and everyone of us can effect on energy waste by participating in simple things using simple methods constantly, such as: Do not preheat the oven, remember to recycle always when possible, use both sides of paper, use cruise control while driving, turn of your car while waiting in traffic, turn of the lights while leaving the house and plugging off the electronics.

Insest using cars, chose to walk or ride a bike whenever it is possible. Keep your car properly maintained. To keep it in good running condition to avoid carbon dioxide emissions. Prefer public transportation to avoid carbon dioxide emissions and you can also make your journey more enjoyable. Carbon dioxide emissions give rise to climate change, which resulted the climate to warm up. Remember to recycle because the garbage decompose very slowly. Global warming as a result of plant ecosystem balance goes haywire. Otherwise future generations will be living on the contaminated environment. It is researched that the human living is overburning the environment. Small actions can affect a lot.

Vishal and Gagan

Kontaktin kuva

We have lived on this planet for quite a long time and we wish to live here for many more years. A lot of changes has happened during our time living on earth, people have modified the planet to meet their needs. If we continue making these bad decisions by wasting earth’s natural resources, we might not have as much time left here that we could.

Normal people like us can not affect the environment on a great scale but individuals can make a change by doing smaller deeds.  First of all people should be more aware of their consumption habits. An easy way of cutting down individual’s emissions is for example by using public transportation. Using for example a bus is a greener way to travel. People should also favor domestic products and locally produced goods. At home people should try to save energy as much as possible by for example turning off the lights and lowering the temperature. Recycling is an easy way to cut down on straining the nature. Recycling your old clothes and buying other people’s old clothes is an effective way to save earth’s resources. Saving water is also important, by closing the tap while brushing your teeth saves a lot of water and also taking shorter showers can help a lot. 

Ronja and Sanna 

1. Turn off the lights when you leave the room
-leaving the lights on is a waste of energy and you should make a habit of turning them off every time you leave the room
2. Use public transportation or a bicycle, walk if possible
-if you are going somewhere close, walking is the most energy-effficient way of traveling, otherwise use public transport or a bicycle
3. Decrease heating in your home
-heating your home consumes a lot of energy, so it's recommended that you set the heating as low as possible
4. Choose lightly packaged products in stores
-packaging materials, namely plastic, require a lot of resources to be produced
5. Use rechargeable batteries instead of disposable ones
-you can use rechargeable batteries over and over again, therefore they are the greener option
6. Heat your food in a microwave instead of an oven
-microvawes use less energy than ovens do
7. Wash your dishes manually, don't use a dishwasher
-doing your dishes manually saves a lot of energy and water compared to using a dishwasher
8. Use water conservatively
-i.e. don't let the water run while brushing your teeth
9. Use energy-saving lamps
-they are more efficient than regular ones
10. Take quick showers
-quick showers save water and energy
11. Eat local or organic food
-local or organic food is a greener option because it comes from nearby and is produced in an enviromentally friendly way
12. Recycle your waste
-recycling is an easy way to conserve energy
13. Buy electronics that consume less energy
-energy-efficient electronic devices are sometimes more expensive, but are worth the extra price
14. Stop using nicotine products
-the nicotine product industry is worth a lot of money, but it also consumes a lot of natural resources
15. Favor energy produced by renewable resources
-renewable energy sources, such as solar or wind, are a more enviromentally friendly way to produce energy

Toni and Vili

Stop wasting energy

First of all from everything we’ve read we have come to the conclusion that you shouldn’t try to make HUGE difference and that the little things are more important.

For example:
Turn your PC off at night don’t let it run in standby or sleep mode. It uses up about the same amount as a lamp if you’re using desktop, on laptop not so much. Also things like closing the tap when brushing your teeth matter. There are bigger choices too, like picking up a bicycle instead of a car.

You need to remember that saving energy isn’t all about electricity and fossil fuels. It’s also about not creating non-disposable waste. That’s why you shouldn’t use plastic cups only once. Rinse them once and reuse. That way you don’t have so much to get disposed of and energy is saved.

Try to buy things that can be composted rather than the kinds of that end up in a dump so they can be used to grow trees and plants. There are also such things as energy saving light bulbs and LED lights that are 50 times more energy efficient than traditional light bulbs.

Biodiesels are also a new way to make a difference. Biodiesel is made of vegetable oil- or animal fat. and it doesn’t pollute as much because the producing doesn’t require as much as toxic chemicals.

Otto and Julius

1 Stop using oil because it is not renewable energy and it produce carbon dioxide
2 Star using renewable energy because it is safe for the environment
3 Spend money to find another clean energy  scores   because oil is going to run out
4.Take shorter showers to save hot water.
5.Close the faucet while brushing teeth.

6.Turn the TV/Computer off when it’s not being used.


8.Buy products with little packaging.

9 Get whole world in energy contracts because environment  protection is useless unless whole world is doing the same thing
10. Use reusable shopping bags instead of buying a new plastic bag every time.

11 spend time and money to develop clean land vehicles because cars are big that make air quality worse  
12. Don’t overheat rooms. You save a lot of energy.
13.Turn off lights when you leave the room.
14.Never use the dishwasher or washing machine unless it’s full
15.Recycle old cell phones instead of throwing it away.
16.Reduce waste.
17 Find another fuel for airplanes because the planes are the worst carbon dioxide source.

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