tiistai 13. toukokuuta 2014

EA3 - Gender in education

EA3 has two themes in the National curriculum; education and work.
In the fifth period EA3.8 worked in co-operative groups of four to furhter study how education has, and still does, differ according to your gender.

Students worked in groups of four, each having their own topic. Instructions and some material was given on line on the homepage of our course.


During the first lesson students co-operated with people who had the same topic. During the second lesson they went back to their original groups to share information. While each member shared their findings, the others made notes and asked for additional questions to be able to fill in a form given to them.
Once everyone had done their part, students evaluated their own work and the input and effort of their group members.
Finally, the teacher read the evaluation and learning forms and gave feedback on their performance.

Overall the students worked very well on both days. Their self - and peer-evaluation also differed very little from the teacher's. Some of the material was found difficult, as it was authentic and sometimes rather scientific, but all the students were able to find and share a lot of information.

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