tiistai 31. toukokuuta 2016

Digital nomads interviewed from Bali

On our English course EA4 we found out about so-called digital nomads, people who choose to travel the world, not on holiday but working as they move from place to place. Many of these people have interesting websites, and we learned about this modern lifestyle here:

Then we heard that we would have the chance to interview a Finnish engineer couple, currently staying on Bali, Indonesia. We spent some time researching Antti and Mirje Halla’s travels and preparing interview questions. We also discussed the importance of preparation: not asking questions already answered on their website. Two students, Meri and Emma, were chosen to take care of the actual interview.

There was some suspense at both ends of our video conference line but it all worked well in the end! The interview took place on 28 April during a lesson (6 pm Indonesian time), and our interviewers did a great job. We learned a lot about this unusual lifestyle and all the choices it involves. Thank you very much! Thanks to our audience, too.
Text by Pauliina Veräjänkorva
Picture from Antti and Mirje’s Anywhereism web site