torstai 12. kesäkuuta 2014

Gender in ancient Greek mythology

EA8.5 Went to see a play called Iliad, Odyssey and all of the Greek mythology in 99 minutes or less. The play covered all the most famous Greek stories and myths and presented the stereotypical gender roles using comedy.
After seeing the play th students studied some of the characters in more detail focusing on the gender roles and the typical features they give of femininity and masculinity.
Pandora was the first woman created and her curiosity lead her to open Pandora's box, which then casd all the bad things caused to mankind. Therefore, the sufferings of the female gender are all justified.
Zeus was the king of gods and the ruler of the universe. He was xtremely masculin. Masculinity was portrayed by his physical appearance, his strenght and power, but also by infedility and fathrering many children.

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